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I Remember Us_Cover

A Heartfelt Collection of Poetry & Love

Whether you’re new to love, seasoned, or stale, Jaime Dill’s newest poetry collection will send you spiraling through memories of falling in love and fighting to stay in it.
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A note from the author

This journey started as a simple plan for an anniversary gift. I pour so much time into writing and editing for other people at the expense, occasionally, of my time with those I love. I wanted to turn my creative effort toward my husband and our history to show thanks for all the space he gives me to be the author and business woman I want to be. 

As friends started reading and sharing how much they related to our story, it dawned on me how universal it is to hold on to memories of love and constantly pull them back out to consider, compare, and crave it all again.

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"A sweet recollection of young love that reminds the reader of a simpler time—when love was all that mattered.”

— Guitar Hanna

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