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Jaime Dill

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It would be a lie to say Jaime skipped the angsty years of doodling Avril Lavigne-inspired poetry during seventh grade lunch period, requisite goth pants included.

But she quickly graduated into an obsessive love for the craft, first exploring poetic prose via Virginia Woolf and Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, then falling in love with modern voices such as Elizabeth Acevedo and Neil Hilborn. 

Poetry has since become the place where Jaime escapes to express the raw emotion behind the Editor-in-Chief everyone sees at Full Mood Magazine:

“It’s strange how many people come to know of you when you play such a public role in the writing and publishing industry. But despite my transparent personality, very few people know who I am away from all of that. Poetry is that one corner where I can be just me, without all the pressures and craft expectation. There are no rules there, between me and paper. Only cathartic release of what makes me tick, dream, and reflect.”


Poet, editor, and press

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